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Residential Electrical.

  • We offer residential electrical services and installations for new construction and reconstruction.
  • Our technicians have experience working on many different types of jobs with special needs and requirements. With safety codes and specific guidelines required for home or commercial electrical services, we understand that safety is always the number one priority.
  • We can help you in each of the stages of your project and we are specialists in troubleshooting and offer a special service in case of emergencies.
  • We can also perform revamps and panel upgrades doing the work on the day,
    We will be there 24/7 for whatever you need!!

Commercial Electrical.

  • We offer commercial and industrial electrical services and installations.
  • We have the necessary experience in this type of work that requires special knowledge for large-scale projects.
  • We can also carry out automation and control of processes, as well as personalized design of lighting systems, automatic and for large rooms.
  • We offer solutions at all levels!

Solar PV

  • We provide services and installation of photovoltaic solar panels.
  • We take care of everything necessary for the operation of the systems, which can be on grid or off grid with storage systems.
  • We can also carry out automatic transfer systems and replacement of existing panels in deterioration.
  • Get savings on your electricity bill and also be friendly with the ecosystem!

Electrical Vehicle Charging

  • We can provide a solution for the charging stations of your electric vehicle, whether inside your home or business, as well as outdoors.
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